Thursday, March 13, 2008

In the news today, former MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum died. Weizenbaum, if'n you didn't know, designed, in 1966, an artificially intelligent computer program named Eliza, that was modelled after a Carl Rogers like therapist. The computer program fashioned therapeutic responses based on what you said to it. Weizenbaum's program was the vanguard of what was to become A.I.

In honor of his passing, I checked out a site where you can interact with an updated version of Eliza. I found it to be exceedingly fucking aggravating. Though, it made me think. I've been in this counseling Biz for about 18 years now, and never realized how annoying a therapist could be. After about five minutes of paraphrasing and repeating what I said, I wanted to stomp Eliza. I guess maybe that's what it's like to be exposed to a counselor. And Eliza is free on line, not $65 per hour. Check it out; you might like it.

Ole number 9

I'm not just the club president....
I'm a client.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Celebrity Haiku, Volume# 34: Shrill Desperate Harpie Edition

I don't know, depsite the fact that she comes off as a castrating, caterwalling, b-i-t-c-h-... I kind of like her. Anyhow: with the Democratic Party's second representation of the ancient Poetry Style, here she is...
Bill, where have you been?
Not going out dressed like THAT!
Missed it by THAT much
-Hillary Rodham Clinton