Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying...ROCK!

Pavlov's Dogs circa 1926 during their "Stinkin' up the Kennebec Valley'' world tour. From left, T. Ejevoli, Farook Amam, and some guy named Spot...

It was 50 years ago today, 
Mr. Myk taught the band to play,
they've been going in and out of style,
but they're guarenteed to raise a smile,
so let me introduce to you,
the band you've known for all these years....

February 14th is the anniversary, as it is most years, of the innaugeral performance of Pavlov's Dogs, the rock and roll juggernaut formerly known as JET. A musical tour de force, forged in the traditions of british pop and punk, and definitely in the vein of the garage bands of the 70's such as  Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop.

Sure, pretty high falootin' alright. That is, if they could ever get their guitars tuned up. Guitar tuning was actually a central and essential element of their live performances. That is, of course, if they actually showed up for any of their gigs. For a while they were known as the greatest band that never was. Pavlov's Dogs famously did not show up for the Bangor State Fair Midway show, failed to show for Newport Maine's sesquecentennial celebration, and were nearly arrested at the Etna Dixmont School talent show. A prodigious resume indeed.

Some may ask, ''what ever happended to the memeberes of the P Dogs"? Indeed you may wonder what they are doing now. Well bass player Ivan Zwieback still plays at local Holiday Inns and Pancake breakfasts as a member of an illustrious local  blues band. Uncle Myk has joined the Jesuits and is currently doing missionary work at Radcliffe College in Cambridge MA, counseling young coeds on dating. Spot has been recently spotted in Nashville Tennessee, sporting a sequined Nudie suit and playing lead in an Eagles cover band, drunk off his ass, bby all reports. All of their former drummers, curiosly enough, have perished of spontaneous combustion. An ignominious end indeed to such  a promising young  ensemble with so much potential.

So, on this auspicious anniversary, let us raise a glass of $4 Merlot to the boys, once destined to change the world, now destined to change their grandchildren's diapers, and toast them a toasty toast. Let us hope to Jesus they do not get back together for any more shows. Don't worry. They probably wouldn't show up anyhow.

Coming this summer from Flybynyt Records-''Pavlov's Dogs Greatests Hits Straight out of the Garage''-when ever Hughie gets off his ass and masters the old recdordings.

Keep a rockin' kids