Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Joke of the Week, Volume #34

There was this guy, we'll call him Gordy, who was in the mood to go ice fishing one fine day. He gets himself his fishing traps, buys himself some bait and gets out the old ice auger. He gets his'self to his favorite bit of ice and sets up his gear. He starts cutting a hole in the ice, but suddenly hears a booming voice that says, "THERE ARE NO FISH HERE". Non-plussed, Gordy picks up his gear and moves down ice to pick another likely spot. He gets the auger going and the same impressive voice says, ''THERE ARE NO FISH HERE''! This happens a couple of more times: Gordy gets his ice hole started and the booming voice tells him there are no fish there. Finall, he looks up to the Heaven and exclaims, "Is that you God"?!

There is a moment of silence and then the voice sighs and says,......

(wait for it....)

"No, this is the Rink Manager Gordy, THERE ARE NO FISH HERE"!