Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gruss von Krampas: Happy Hollandaise from SFL#178

If you're anything like the Bigfoot household, by now all the presents have been unwrapped, the egg nog has been drunk and al the relatives have gone home. You may be watching some NBA on television, or maybe watching a new video you received as a gift. Right about now, the Bigfoot family is laying around watching "Highlander Season II", which the Big Unit got for a present. My lovely bride is just awakening from a well deserved nap and doing some Sudoku on the couch. Between bouts of gorging myself on leftover Buffalo Chicken dip, I am currently enjoying an Oak Pond Brewery "Growler", one that I got from my old buddy Mudder, and writing in the old Blog. I don't have to work until Monday, and , fully stocked for the weekend, I am looking forward to a relaxing Boxing Day, in front of the Pat's game.

Now I have not always had such a cordial relationship with the "Holidays". I have always been kind of ambivelent, to say the least, about the Christmassy season. Why, just ask anyone that knows me well, and they might go so far as to say I am a veritable Grinch. I mean, yes, it is the Lord Baby Jeebus's birthday and all, and the season of giving. But, at times, I find the hub bub and hassle of the Holidays a bit stressful. And expensive. I'm not so much a Grinch, really, as a Krampas, Santa's dark side, just waiting to take all the bad little boys and girls to the woodshed, just because he's and old grump. Or like George Kastanza's dad on Seinfeld, celebrating "Festivus", I sometimes just feel like airing greivances for the Hell of it. "I got a lot of problems with you people. And now you're gonna hear about it".

However, as the holidays wind to a halt and we turn our attention to the brand new year, I have to admit a certain amount of grim satisfaction having survived another season. Hopefully, all of you are also enjoying your cekebrations, whatever they may be, and are looking forward to the new year. May the New Year pass with as little rancor or acrimony as possible. Happy Happy Joy Joy from all of us at Sufferin' Bastards Local #178.

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